Enzo Crash Watch: Another one bites it

How many are we down to? 391, 390? Of the 399 (plus one extra built for the pope to auction off for Tsunami victims, gotta love church auctions) Enzos built by Ferrari, a decent number has been written off as scrap metal. Various accidents have taken from us these special vehicles, and we have yet one more to add to the list. Frank Mountain, a "property tycoon" (FYI: I would quit blogging for that job title) in the UK lost his Enzo when a bus he alleges was taking a corner too fast crossed lanes and made contact. The Enzo then careened into a Volkswagen Golf, which was written off due to the extent of its damage. One doesn't write off an Enzo, though, and Mountain is suing the bus company for £300,000 to cover the cost of repairs, his loss of earnings when he missed work to deal with the accident, and the Ferrari's loss in value since it's now damaged goods. Perhaps after the repairs are done, presumably in Maranello, we'll be able to officially insert this Enzo back into the fold. Until then, the value of everyone else's Enzo just went up again.

Click the Read link to see more pics of the damage.

Thanks for the tip, Kiefer!

[Source: Daily Mail]

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