Fresh & Easy markets to use "green" fleet trailers

West Coast food retailer Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market will use a number of new, environmentally-friendly trailers in its fleet operations. The aerodynamically-designed trailers are designed to help increase fuel efficiency and reduce carbon emissions through innovations such as a hybrid refrigeration vector unit.
An automated refrigeration shutoff feature goes into effect once the trailer has reached its optimal cooling temp, giving the truck's diesel engine one less thing it needs to supply power to. In addition, full engine shutoff will take place when parked at Fresh & Easy retail stores, and standby electrical power at the company's distribution centers will eliminate the need to burn any diesel to power the trailers at those facilities.

The trailers are 66 percent quieter than other refrigerated units, and the company has also instituted noise-reduction measures and/or policies to make them as unobtrusive as possible in their areas of operation. All that's missing are some hybrid trucks to pull the slick new trailers.

[Source: Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market]

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