Watch the Transformers toys transform

It's one thing to design a Transformer in CGI and have it magically transform from a car to a 40-foot-tall robot in 24 frames of animation. It's entirely different to produce a toy that actually does transform with moving parts that have to work together in total harmony. HASBRO is in charge of producing the full gamet of Transformers toys this time around and has a website up that shows us exactly how Optimus Prime will go from big rig to big robot. Click here, skip the intro and, unless you have a pair of cardboard 3D glasses handy, click on the 2D link. Here you'll find animations that show how Optimus Prime, Scorponok, Ratchet and Ironhide will actually transform when pulled from their plastic packaging.

The site also has 360 degree views of each Transformer toy, as well as some extra items like a wearable Optimus Prime helmet. Our search for a Halloween costume this year is officially over.

[Source: via tfw2005]
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