VIDEO: Cadillac advertising in China

Advertising a product on television can be a very complicated exercise, as each demographic and market get its own specialized message. Many people who travel overseas notice that commercials are peculiar outside their native market, and anybody that sees GM's new Cadillac commercial for the Chinese market has to be scratching his or her head.

In the commercial, a large group of 18th century Englishmen (or American colonists?) are trying to wrangle a wild horse, when a Cadillac SLS comes in to tame the beast while the wig-wearing gentlemen in puffy Seinfeld shirts and petticoats run for cover. We think the premise of the commercial is that the beauty of the SLS tames the savage horse, but with all those makeup-wearing colonists running around, we're too distracted to know for sure. Hey, here in the States we have Abe Lincoln pitching insomnia medication, so anything is fair game. Hit the jump to view this bizarre pitch, and chime in to let us know what you think.

[Source: YouTube via GM Inside News]

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