More from Lutz: Maximum Bob pays his blogging dues

Whenever we add another blogger to the Autoblog team, I always warn him or her to grow a thicker skin. Part of blogging is exposing your words to a wide audience and having the fortitude to weather whatever is said in the comments. Blogging is all about that interactive relationship the comments allow, which is something Bob Lutz has learned lately. After having neglected posting on his GM FastLane Blog for a few weeks, Lutz was greeted with comments suggesting that he's bored with blogging, that the FastLane blog is a failure and that GM is done with this whole blogging fad. (Many can be read here on the site's last update post.)

In Lutz's newest blog post, which we referenced earlier in our post about his appearance on NPR, Lutz explains that none of this is true, and his absence in the blogosphere lately can be directly attributed to the demands of his "day job". Bob, we feel you, brother. Most bloggers on our team hold down a full-time job in addition to blogging and doing other things like raising a family. We'd be more than happy to meet with Lutz again and impart some blogging advice to help him juggle his day job as GM's car czar with the demands of blogging.

As for dealing with commenters posting "ridiculous" comments, we applaud Lutz for addressing and brushing them off his thickly skinned back. Remember Bob, they comment because they care so much.

[Source: GM FastLane Blog]

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