Why buy an X3 when you can have this?

Sure, the BMW X3 has all-wheel-drive, stability control, and a large selection of standard and optional goodies, but if you're looking for a budget Bimmer to handle lousy conditions both on and off the pavement, there's a car for sale in Mansfield, Texas that you can score for less than the price of the X3's Premium Package! Yes, folks, $2,500 will put you behind the wheel of the '81 3-series pictured at right, which has thoughtfully been placed atop the chassis and drivetrain of an '83 Blazer for maximum all-weather capability. The GM donor is presumably an S10, since a 2.8L V6 is tasked with moving the thing. Sure, the step-in height's on the tall side, but the running boards fix that problem right up. And after all, who wouldn't choose an E21 3-series over an X3, anyway? Decisions, decisions...
[Source: Craigslist via German Car Scene]
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