Politico? Mafioso? RENNtech has an armored Merc S-class for you

Defensively, the S600 Guard has got you covered: B6/B7 armor that stops standard military-grade small-arms fire, grenade, shrapnel, and explosive device protection, run-flat tires, self-sealing fuel-tank, and integrated fire-extinguishing system. Offensively, however, as any tuner would tell you, things could always be better. Even if you're sitting in a tank, why just sit there and take the hits? RENNtech has decided to apply its expertise to the issue, upgrading the S600 guard with the kind of offensive ability that will get you out of trouble, not just protect you from it.

Partnering with INKAS, a firm that builds safes and armoured vehicles, the house of RENN has put in an upgraded ECU, a carbon fiber airbox, and bolstered the intercooler pump. Final result: the regular S600 Guard's 517 hp gets cranked up to 640 hp, and it gets 775 lb-ft. And for pulling off evasive maneuvers, the standard brakes have been swapped out for 15.2-inch rotors up front and 14-inchers in the back. If you need more armoured get-up-and-go than that, you might want to consider an M1 Abrams instead.

[Source: Motor Authority]

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