The Spanish Ubica A0 hybrid biodiesel electric catamaran

While we are on the subject of taking a long sabatical from our day-to-day life on an alternative powered boat, why not take a moment to consider this new option. Not another solar boat, though, this time it's a hybrid, specifically, it is the Ubica A0. It's, a rather impressive sounding hybrid at that: a hybrid biodiesel turbine/electric powerplant. Taken from Gizmag: "The hybrid will use four bio-diesel compatible gas turbines (Honeywell LTS-101 600A 3A) combined with four AC-Propulsion Ac-150 EV Power System with an estimated overall power output of 2740kw."

Back to the subject of that long, extended vacation... I'll take mine on the solar boat. Then, I have a good excuse to be late when coming back to reality! The solar boat moves much slower! Plus, despite being a hybrid, I can't imagine that the turbine engines get good mileage...

[Source: Gizmag]

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