Rocket's return: McLaren F1's forefather set to make a comeback

Gordon Murray has had his hands in a number of impressive projects over the years. Be it Formula one or the McLaren F1, if Murray is involved, you know it's going to light, balanced and fast.

One of Murray's more intriguing projects was the Rocket, a lightweight, road-going tribute to the open-wheeled racers of yesteryear. Originally equipped with a 143 HP Yamaha superbike engine, the Rocket was able to reach 60 MPH in a mere four seconds, primarily due to its minimalist design.

That was in the 90s. Now, Chris Craft, 24 Hours of Le Mans veteran and avid car collector, and his son Luke have decided to introduce a modern version of the Rocket, powered by a 1150cc Yamaha mill that makes up to 170 HP. Said engine will be nestled within the nuevo-retro body to create an 877-pound terror that might justify it's $100k price tag.

Only 10 Rockets will be produced each year, but with the new found popularity of lightweight track toys, we expect most to be spoken for as soon as the Craft's set up shop.

[Source: Inside Line]

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