Comet EV coming from China to challence the VentureOne?

The VentureOne might soon have some competition from China. China Car Times has got some info on the Comet, a new three-wheeled, all-electric city vehicle. The company behind the Comet EV is Flybo-Ev, the same firm that's trying to bring the Smart clone to the U.S. Speaking of clones, let's just say the Comet isn't exactly a VentureOne clone (see a pic of the VentureOne, based on the Carver, here), but the Comet sure is similar-looking, just with two wheels in front instead of in the back.

The Flybo-Ev website doesn't mention the Comet at all, but China Car Times says that the Comet will be made of cabon fiber and Kevlar, with 'alloy' wheels also made of carbon fiber. There are some high-tech touches in the interior, with a 40-60 gb hard drive and DVD player, as well as a GPS unit. With a top speed of 100mph and a potential 200-mile range (depending on battery pack), and a possible price tag of $30,000, the competition could be stiff. The VentureOne will likely be $23,000.

[Source: China Car Times]

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