Forza Motorsports 2 demo now available for free on XBLM

The final version of Forza Motorsports 2 for the Xbox 360 has gone gold, which in video game parlance means its ready to be pressed into discs and shipped off to stores. While the release date for the 360's premier driving game is not until May 29th, early this morning at 5AM EST, publishers of the game released its first demo on the Xbox Live Marketplace for free. Yes, we've downloaded it and yes, we've played it. The demo offers you an assortment of about 24 cars in three different classes (think slow, fast and insane). We tried out a Ford GT in the fast class and a Maserati MC12 in the insane class. You're only able to race around one short track, which Forza faithful tell us is the Mugello short. How does it look? Probably great if it weren't for the 5-year-old, 27-inch TV our Xbox 360 is hooked up to. On a high-definition set it probably looks incredible, but on an old TV it looks like Gran Turismo 4, maybe a little sharper and more detailed, but not by much. 480 lines of interlaced resolution only go so far. Nevertheless, the choice of vehicles and tracks in the final version of the game will be impressive. Now we just have to scrounge up another $59.99 plus tax for another Xbox 360 game. Yeah, we can think of a few people who that's not going to go over too well with, but epic driving games on next-gen consoles don't come along every day.

Thanks for the tip, Matt!

[Source: Xbox360Fanboy]

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