Volvo's Hunt is on!

Today at 10:00AM EST, Volvo's second "The Hunt" Contest began when this website went live with the first clue. Upon visiting the URL, entrants are greeted with what appears to be a small, triangular piece of a treasure map floating in water (kudos for Volvo on the production quality of the contest site). Then, a hoarse and ernest voice pipes us to give the clue, which is thus:

To hunt for these waters
follow my heart,
the winding needle
will mark the start.

Uh, yeah sure. We have no idea what it means nor how it relates to the floating fragment of treasure map, but if you want to join the hunt, you have to figure out what it means. A treasure's chest worth of gold doubloons is at take, as well as a Volvo XC90 to drive your booty home. Here's hoping Volvo hid the treasure well and a fishing trawler doesn't come across it while scraping the sea floor. That'd be quite a catch.

As was the case for last year's contest, feel free to use the comments on this post to discuss strategy and help other along.

[Source: Volvo]

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