Ultima intros Euro emissions compliant 800-hp package

Ultima Sports has created an 800 HP engine for its GTR and Can-Am rides that is emissions-friendly around the world. It will even pass the rather stringent Euro IV standards that have put paid to many a supercar's attempts to cross the pond.

Ultima's efforts start with Chevy's LS7 lump from the Z06, which rocks 505 HP standard. Ultima then adds their own exhaust, for a boost up to 565 HP. The camshafts are swapped out, raising the horse count to 650. Finally, a supercharger provides the 150 HP coup de grace, for a finally tally of 800. The entire package meets global emissions standards, as does every step in between.

Prices will be announced this weekend. If you'll remember, last year the Ultima GTR officially became the fastest supercar in the world, and that was with a 720 hp engine. Now you can go faster, and be cleaner about it. That sounds ultima indeed.

Thanks for the tip, Derek!

[Source: PistonHeads]

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