VIDEO: Transformers the Game... aw, hell yeah!

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As excited as we are to watch Michael Bay's vision come to fruitiion on the celulloid big screen this summer, we're even more excited about the accompanying Transformers video game that will likely be released on many next-gen gaming consoles. After all, we grew up playing with Transformers toys (the metal ones!), and in this digital age we're more interested in controlling our robots in disguise than watching them dance around on screen.

From what we know, you'll be able to play the Transformers Game as either an Autobot defending the Earth or a Decepticon trying to detroy it. It would seem, then, that game features two campaigns, although we're hoping for a nice online multiplayer function, as well.

We have some screenshots of the game, but you're going to want to watch the game's trailer after the jump. If you've been waiting to see Optimus Prime fly off a building and transform midair, your wait is over.

[Source: IGN via Jalopnik]

The video meant to be presented here is no longer available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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