Merc R-Class may come in RWD flavors

Perhaps more R Classes will roll off dealer lots if only the rear wheels push the car, instead of all four. Auto Telegraaf reports that Mercedes will soon build the base R Class with RWD as standard, and will lower the price in a bid to change the SUV's fortunes.

As everyone is aware, the 4-matic Mercedes R-Class has not met with the success Mercedes expected of it. The car's massive interior is well-appointed, so the R Class' problems seem mostly due to style and price. An R 500 costs more than the much better looking ML 500, and only a bit less than the much better looking GL 450. Mercedes touts the Grand Sport Tourer's driving dynamics, but how many R Class buyers are looking for premium driving prowess in a people-mover that looks as unsporting as the R? On that note, the newer, less expensive R will come in for revised styling. The R will also have access to the 5.5-liter V8, but there's no word on which engines will go with the RWD models.

[Source: Motor Authority]

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