New Citron C4 Sillage comes in two petrol, four diesel flavors

In 2010, Citroën's new diesel-electric hybrid drivetrain should be implemented in the company's C4 line. Until then, we'll have to make due with C4s like the new Sillage special series. The Sillage launches in France today with a heap of features (GPS navigation, 30 GB media/map hard drive, 16-inch alloy wheels, reverse radar) and six engine choices. The options are: 1.4i 16V and 1.6i 16V running on petrol and the diesel-drinking HDi 92, HDi 110, HDi 110 DPFS and HDi 110 DPFS with the 6-speed EGS.

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[Source: Citroën]
C4 Sillage: a new special series

Paris, 2 May 2007 Citroën is launching the C4 Sillage special series in France today. Available in hatchback form, the C4 Sillage features the new-generation NaviDrive system, reverse radar and 16- inch alloy wheels as standard.

The C4 Sillage special series is available as a hatchback with a choice of two petrol engines – 1.4i 16V and 1.6i 16V – and four diesel engines: HDi 92, HDi 110, HDi 110 DPFS and HDi 110 DPFS with the 6-speed EGS. The series is based on the Ambience Pack trim with the following features as standard:
  • the new NaviDrive colour system,
  • reverse radar,
  • 16-inch alloy wheels,
  • metallic or pearlescent paint (all the shades in the C4 hatchback range are available).
The new-generation NaviDrive system featured in this special series includes:
  • a hard disk with a capacity of 30 Gb, large enough to hold mapping data from 30 European countries;
  • a jukebox function able to store up to 173 hours of music (depending on compression). The GPS navigation function of this NaviDrive system also includes a Birdview mode (3D representation of the map in colour) and an intersection mode (showing details of the next intersection).
This new-generation NaviDrive system also provides access to the Citroën Emergency, Citroën Assistance, Citroën On-Line and ViaMichelin traffic services.

Alongside these features, the C4 Sillage special series is also available with an optional panoramic glass sunroof.

The customer saves €1,470 on the C4 Sillage, based on the price of the standard equipment included in the vehicle definition.

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