Deux Chevaux redux: Citroen 2CV ready for return?

The Duck is back. Well, not officially, at least not yet. But Auto Express has images of an advanced concept design for a new 2CV that seems pretty polished. While the overall look is instantly recognizable as an homage to the original, this is a thoroughly modern looking machine. Similar in some ways to the Citroen Evoque concept of 2005, this new concept appears much more production feasible. With its open umbrella shape, it has a lot of character and would be a wonderful new entry in the retro-everyman's car category. There's a New Beetle (heck, there's even a new New Beetle), a new Mini Cooper (ditto), and a new Fiat 500 out there, so a new 2CV seems natural. And just like its contemporaries, rather than aiming at being the cheapest wheels on the road, the successor seems to be headed a bit upmarket.

[Source: Auto Express]

Auto Express says it has "insider information" about the vehicle, which will be Citroen's first foray into the prestige segment. The nouveau 2CV should share its fwd platform with the C3 supermini and C4 hatch, but be priced above the C3. Whereas the C3 and C4 are handsome, the 2CV is unique. It has the same curved nose, slab sides, rear wheel covers, louvered hood, and chevroned grille, but should be a lot greener than its forebearer. Expect innovative touches like plastic body panels and a hybrid diesel engine. The interior should be fairly spartan with a large, thin-rimmed steering wheel, a fixed central hub, a retro speedometer, and the familiar dash-mounted shifter. But you can't sell in this market without some bling, so iPod connectivity and navigation should also make their way into this new tin snail. While the concept is all silver, it's likely Citroen will go with a smart-like customization option that will allow two-tone body panels, different interior materials, and maybe even a full-length canvas sunroof. Citroen wouldn't confirm their plans, but AE is saying a concept should appear in 2009. We say, "Build it!"

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