Toyota Camry hybrid is the grand prize in Lamps Plus giveaway

It's the 2007 Canadian Car of the Year. It might soon be built in Oz. And it could be yours. What are we talking about: the 2007 Toyota Camry hybrid.
Lamps Plus has a year-long contest (OK, OK, technically it started in February and ends at the end of December 2007) to get people interested in Lamps Plus. The grand prize is a 2007 Toyota Camry hybrid vehicle. You don't need to buy anything to enter, but the rules say the winner "must be a licensed driver and will be required to provide proof of insurance at time of delivery. Winner is responsible for title, license, registration, dealer preparation costs, auto insurance and other fees associated with prize. Winner must take delivery of prize from the automobile dealership designated by Sponsors." The winner to be announced next January. You can enter your name for the drawing here, and I hope you're patient.

[Source: Lamps Plus]

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