Just watch.

Obvious comments need not be posted. Let's be kind to the feeble minded who generated this insipid video developed in cooperation between Pacific Gas & Electric and the city of San Francisco.

But I do think the dull-witted braintrust behind this video has been drinking water from Hinkley (Google Erin Brockovich if you don't understand the connection). I'm trying to figure out the motive: are they making fun of farmers and exploiting stereotypes? Or did they develop these characters after looking in a mirror? What do Laurie David and Sheryl Crow have to say after putting so much effort in promoting biodiesel recently?

Just ask yourself; what does vandalism and animal abuse have to do with biodiesel? I have a liberal sense of humor, but come on; this is just plain stupid and insulting to anyone who cares about alternative fuels. Let's hope marketers with more intelligence are in charge of biodiesel promotions elsewhere. Any more clueless PSAs like this and I'll be second-guessing biodiesel.

On second thought, maybe you should comment.

[Source: LetsGreenThisCity.com]

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