Gone for 60 months: Swindling classic car collector gets five years

Nicholas Cage may have stolen a bunch of cars in the movie Gone in 60 Seconds, but in real life, he's like a lot of really rich and famous people in that he collects classic cars. Back in 2004, Cage sold three of his Ferraris and a Cobra, but $300,000 of the proceeds were never returned. The shady character that brokered the sale, Peter Brotman, got tangled in quite the web of deceit after bilking Willow Grove Bank out of $950,000 on top of the $300k taken from Cage.
In the end, Brotman got five years and $1.8 million in restitution for his crimes, and as tempted as we may be, we're keeping all the Con Air references to ourselves. We are, however, wondering why Nick would actually sell three Ferraris and a Cobra in the first place.

[Source: AP via The Car Connection]

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