Saturn kicking butt and taking conquests

Saturn has gone from "A different kind of car company" to a much better car company faster than anybody has the right to expect, and all the new products being introduced are starting to result in improved sales numbers. Within one year, the Sky, Aura, and Outlook were introduced, and the Aura provided the cherry on top when it won the 2007 North American car of the year award at the Detroit Auto Show. Once the new hot to trot Astra replaces the asthetically-challenged Ion, the Sky will be the oldest product in Saturn's lineup.

The resulting numbers for Saturn have been very impressive indeed, with a 20-percent bump in 1st quarter 2007 sales versus Q1 2006, and now people that previously didn't give Saturn a thought are buying into GM's newest lineup. In a recent interview with The Car Connection, Saturn General Manager Jill Lajdziak pointed out that Sky owners have an average family income of over $100,000, while the typical Aura customer is pulling in $79,000 per annum. Those numbers are in stark contrast to the overall lineup, which stands at $63,000 per year. Lajdziak is looking for more success in the second quarter, and with the vastly better-looking than the original Vue coming out very shortly, the news is only getting better for Saturn.

Saturn still has a long way to go in winning over customers, as Aura and Outlook sales haven't exactly been setting the world on fire. After driving the Aura, we'd guess that the biggest obsticle for the COTY is a lack of customer awareness, and additional marketing dollars should help a lot. We've long thought that the Opelization of the Saturn lineup was a great idea, and now it looks like it's actually panning out for GM.

[Source: The Car Connection]

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