Pay a little extra to offset the carbon of your movies and air travel

I know carbon offset programs are nothing new - we have an entire category of posts about them which currently has 114 posts in it (click on the words "Carbon Offset" over to the right to read them) - but two new carbon offset programs have popped up recently that make me think the trend is unstoppable.

First, Delta Airlines announced last week that they would be offering a voluntary carbon offset charge that will kick in on the first of June. Offsetting a domestic round trip costs $5.50 and its $11 for an international round trip. The money will be used by the Conservation Fund to plant trees as well as on its education and outreach programs.

Second, the producers of the new movie Evan Almighty will let anyone plant an online virtual forest ($5 per tree) and the money will be used to plant actual trees. Each $5 donor will have their name added to the credits of the Evan Almighty DVD. Oh, and the production of the film has been completely carbon offset.

So, your movies and airfare can now be made more green, which I think is better than not having that option. But shouldn't a carbon offset cost be included in the price of everything we buy? Using resources costs everyone, and if you're part of using those resources, you should pay for it. Just seems fair.

[Source: Get On Board, h/t to Michelle Cox for Evan Almighty link]

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