Hybrid Technologies working on Mini Cooper EV

Click the photo for a high-res gallery of the new Mini Cooper D

Would you pay almost 60 grand for a Mini Cooper? What if it was propelled by by batteries alone? Hybrid Technologies is working on a battery powered Mini Cooper that they expect to have on sale in 2008. HT's sales director Frank Ziegler told Wired they're not interested in doing plug-in hybrids because they don't want to be dependent on gasoline, which makes one wonder why they call the company Hybrid Technologies.

The Mini will join the existing lineup of EV converted cars including a battery Smart ForTwo, and the PT Cruiser that they sell for taxi use in New York City. HT is using Japanese made lithium polymer batteries (iPods also use lithium polymer batteries) from Kokam. The electric Mini is expected to save the owner $1,250 a year in gasoline, which means they would only have to drive for 32 years to make up the price premium over a standard Mini. Personally, I'll take the new 53.5mpg Mini Cooper D.

[Source: Wired Blog]

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