The folks at Rotora, purveyors of all manner of high-quality stopping components, have just released their newest brake setup that employs twelve pistons, clamping either 15- or 16-inch rotors. The use of that many pistons ensures that pedal modulation, clamping force and an even distribution of pressure is achieved. The caliper itself is manufactured from billet aluminum, while the two-piece rotor comes in either slotted or drilled and slotted.

Since the system makes use of the stock master cylinder and is compatible with all ABS systems, Rotora's setup should become a popular swap for high-performance applications in both cars and trucks. We're just trying to figure out what kind of offset and wheel combo we'll need to fit them onto John's Alero.

Full press release after the jump.

[Source: Rotora]




Made of billet aluminum alloy and CNC machined to ensure the highest quality; Rotora's NEW 12-piston caliper brake system enables maximum brake modulation while improving overall pedal feel to ensure equal distribution of weight transfer when braking for larger, heavier, and higher horsepower vehicles. As the largest brake system offered for SUV/Truck applications to date, sequentially sized pistons in the calipers are fine tuned by increasing the clamp load to the optimal level while utilizing the stock master cylinder to retain overall front-to-rear brake bias.

Each Rotora 12-piston caliper contains 6 ceramic formulated pads with two sequentially sized pistons pushing each pad to deliver excellent initial bite and uniform pad-to-disc contact, thereby eliminating tapered pad wear. Offered in 15" (380X34mm) or 16" (405mm X 36mm) oversize 2-piece floating discs with t-billet aluminum hat to produce the ultimate brake torque, these oversize discs provides exceptional heat dissipation to eliminate brake fade.

All systems are ABS compatible, direct bolt on, including DOT compliant steel braided brake lines, and carbon steel (SC45) mounting brackets and hardware with minimal modifications required.

-Rotora billet aluminum alloy racing calipers with sequentially sized piston bore sizes engineered to each specific vehicle.
-Rotora billet aluminum hat with "floating" disc assembly to reduce heat related stress and unsprung weight.
-Rotora two piece heat treated directional vane disc system to improve airflow/cooling under severe braking. Slotted or drilled & slotted oversize 15" or 16" discs to ensure equal heat dissipation and increase thermal capacity while relieving the disc and brake pad surface free of excess debris.
-Rotora ceramic formulated pads designed for extreme street and off-road application with high co-efficient of friction and high temperature fade resistance.
-Rotora DOT compliant stainless steel braided brake lines to improve stiffer pedal feel and prevent brake hose expansion.
-Rotora S45C carbon steel mounting brackets and hardware.

Applications for:
-Audi, -BMW, -Cadillac, -Chevrolet, -GMC, -Hummer, -Jaguar, -Lexus, -Land Rover, -Mercedes, -Porsche, -Volkswagen

Standard Caliper Color: red or metallic blue.

Custom Caliper Color: dark blue, chrome, gunmetal, gold, silver, black, or yellow (lead time of 60 days depending on application).

Ceramic Pads: (Rotora offers a wide range of ceramic compound pad grades). Refer to brake pads section to assist in selection.

Disc Type: plain, slotted, or drilled & slotted oversize discs. (For more severe applications, slotted is preferred. For street and light track use, plain OEM or drilled & slotted is acceptable).

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