Shanghai Motor Show: Chinese domestics jumping on hybrid bandwagon

At the Shanghai Motor Show at least two Chinese manufacturers are reportedly showing "homegrown" cars with hybrid drivetrains. Shanghai Automotive is again showing a hybrid version of the Roewe 750 which is derived from the Rover 75 design they bought the rights too when Rover when belly up in England. The Roewe was first shown at the last Beijing Motor Show. Previous indications were that the 750 used a mild hybrid system of the type used by GM, but it now appears to be a full parallel hybrid system and is expected to be in production by 2010.

Chery is displaying a diesel hybrid variant of the A3 model. The A3 has a dual clutch ISG or optional CVT and an in-house created 1.3L diesel engine and 30kW electric motor. Chery is claiming their parallel hybrid system can achieve 3L/100km and meet Euro V emissions standards.

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