Hardcore gamer selling enormous collection to snare a Nismo 350Z down payment

When you are called to some difficult duty by family or love or ambition, you take the bitter pill and do what needs to be done. When the red Nismo 350Z above called to Jesse Edgar, he knew what he had to do: unload the immense video game, console, and accessory collection covering every surface of his room. Not to buy the car, just to get a "nice" down payment.

game collectionYou know when the vice squad makes a huge bust and they load a table up with the haul? Imagine if video games and consoles were illegal, and the cops busted a guy in a bunker who had been hoarding contraband for 30 years. When his loot was laid out for photographs, it would look like the pictures on Jesse's eBay page. From a 1976 Fairchild to a Sony PS2 and an insane number of games -- and a lunchbox and Monopoly game -- it's all there. You'll also get quite the education in consoles if you read the entire thing. We don't know what the street value is, but the bidding starts at $2,000. This is what "turn and burn" is all about. Good luck, Jesse.

[Source: Joystiq]

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