Dine out with Diesel guide gives tips on feeding veggie oil to your Benz

MercedesSource is a place for gearheads with a fondness for the Benz classics to keep their cars running. The site also offers a guidebook called " Dine Out With Diesel," which is a slight misnomer because the whole point of the book is to get off of diesel and into straight vegetable oil. It's not a conversion manual, but instead "an introductory guide on the subject and written for people who want to better understand the basic steps required to run this amazing fuel in any diesel engine." If you're interested in performing a conversion after reading about why it's cool, the author, Kent Bergsma also offers "SVO/WVO Fuel Solutions for Mercedes Benz Diesels," which does provide that technical information. The guide costs $16.50.

Anyone out there read it and have a review for us?

[Source: MercedesSource]

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