You want WHAT shipped with your car? Top Ten list of odd auto transport requests

Employees of automotive transport companies have lots of stories to tell. One story about a highly-secretive Corvette instantly leaps to mind as one story that perhaps shouldn't have been told.

But sometimes the cars being transported are the least interesting part of the job, according to DAS Auto Shippers, which has compiled a top ten list of the best auto transport stories. The list includes one woman who requested that the driver talk to her car to keep it from getting lonely, and one James Bond wannabe who wanted his car to be moved with a gun in the glovebox, a shotgun in the back seat and a full tank of gas. Another owner asked if it were ok if his cat rode in the trunk if food and water were included.

Oh, the dead fish story? One car arrived at its destination with an unexplained dead piranha in the back seat.

Check out DAS's top ten list of stories for more chuckles.

[Source: DAS Auto Shippers]

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