Scion is searching for The Prospect -- is it you?

Scion has the kind of fan base and lifestyle integration that a lot of other automakers are still trying to figure out how to create (Ford Edge clothing, anyone?). Scion appears to have a lock on who their fans are and what they want, and then constantly works on new ways to give it to them. Now they're doing it again with The Prospect: Rise of an Unsigned Emcee.

Now in its third year, the just-launched Prospect is Scion's latest search for an unsigned rapper. Submit your lyrics to the Prospect site, and if you're the fairest one of them all, you'll get $5,000, a track made with producer Hi-Tek, a video shoot, and inclusion on a Scion-sponsored mini-tour. You'll also get to talk a lot about Scion.

The contest's website is here, complete with all the rules and requirements. You have until August. Now what rhymes with "Rollin' in my xB. . . ."

[Source: Brandweek]

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