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eBay Find of the Day: '97 Jeep Wrangler with Corvette LS1 power

The 1997 Jeep Wrangler's torquey 4.0L inline six-cylinder engine was well suited to the machine's superb rock crawling abilities. That's doesn't mean all room for improvement has disappeared from underneath the hood. One owner looked across the aisle to General Motors for a new motor that would significantly improve the Wrangler's power-to-weight ratio. Said owner shoehorned an LS1 V8 from a Corvette behind that trademark seven-bar grille from Jeep and created a Wranglevette that's currently up for grabs on eBay.

The LS1 V8 itself has been officially rated at anywhere from 305 to 350 horsepower, though aftermarket add-ons can push those power numbers significantly higher. The eBay auction doesn't mention the specific output of the LS1 motor in this Wrangler, nor very much about the vehicle at all, except that the transplanted engine resulted in a salvage title.

We imagine one could immediately bypass crawling rocks with this Wrangler and instead just jump them. At the moment, the high bid is $10,000 with 11 bids on record and about 5 days left to go.

Thanks for the tip, Jro!

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