Worth its weight? ShurTrax could keep your pickup planted

If you live in a cold-weather climate and own a RWD pickup truck, you know that driving in inclement weather can be a real crap shoot. The rear wheels seem to have a mind of their own, coming out from under you when you least suspect it. To help keep traction, many people combat this problem by adding weight to the pickup bed, using items like sand bags or even packed snow.
The big problem with adding weight to your pickup is that the fillers you add typically eliminate the usefulness of your truck by taking up room in the bed. In the case of sand, the bags tend to break, which can make a big mess. We found this product we think provides a clever solution for these minor issues with cold weather traction.

A company called ShurTrax came up with a handy idea to add weight to your truck without rendering the bed entirely useless. The gadget, which is basically a 400lb. water-filled bladder, spreads the weight evenly over a large portion of the bed. Owners of the ShurTrax can continue to use the truck bed, since the device can withstand a 500lb load. The product is reasonably affordable too, with a sticker price between $120 - $140.

While there is no substitution in bad weather for experienced drivers and four-wheel drive, we think this nifty device is a good idea for those who need a little stability in areas that get a lot of the white stuff.

[Source: ShurTrax]

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