Chery Shooting Sport Concept revealed

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Chery has released the first photos of the Shooting Sport Concept it will be unveiling later this week in Shanghai, and it's quite faithful to the sketches the automaker released earlier in the month. An attractive three-door with a particularly Prius-esque look up front, the Shooting Sport appears to be production-ready save for some of the more concept-like elements inside the passenger cabin. For example, the fancy gauges, abundant white leather, green trim, and yellow mood lighting would likely go in favor of more conventional-looking, less costly materials. That said, the basic shapes of the console and IP are not unorthodox and could likely carry over. Power 8-way seats, a normal-looking DVD navigation system, and a 60/40 split back seat are among the other features on the concept that would probably transfer to a future production car. Save for the "inspired by" Toyota face, the rest of the car looks like something that wouldn't be out of place with a European marque's badge on the hood, and that's no bad thing, aesthetically. We'll have more on the Shooting Sport, including, we assume, powertrain info, when the Shanghai Motor Show gets rolling.

[Source: Chery via Autoblog Chinese (Translated)]

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