Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race results and gallery

We're not too concerned that we'll need a spoiler alert on this one, but just in case, consider yourselves warned. The 31st installment of the Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race was run yesterday, and it was another smashing success. Perhaps better known for its high-profile crashes than the more deserving close racing action it usually produces, the event always manages to get the crowd on its feet along Shoreline Drive. Blending an assortment of celebrities with a few charity drivers and a couple of professional racers, the race is always entertaining. This year's Grand Marshal was Hugh Hefner, which confirms right away that this is more about fun than real racing. The celebs do take the racing seriously, however. They spend a couple of weekends over the preceding months learning to drive the proper race line, and once strapped inside their identically-prepared Scion tCs, they unleash their inner Schumachers. Or Danica Patricks, considering that this year, there were eight women and six men in the celebrity field, tipping the balance towards the fairer sex for the first time in event history.

Polesitter Dave Mirra, pro BMX rider with fourteen X Games medals to his name, led the field from the green flag and held on to win the crash-shortened race. It wasn't exactly a walk in the park for Mirra, as tennis legend Martina Navratilova and actor Joshua Morrow were nipping at his heels until the yellow flag came out. That flag turned red as the course was, at that point, sufficiently messed up to warrant some major repairs to the tire barriers. That damage was caused when George Lucas and charity ride winner Annamarie Dean collided going into turn one. Although both were uninjured, the force was definitely not with them, nor with NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series driver Mike Skinner. One of three professional drivers in the field, Skinner had started 20 seconds behind the celebs but had managed to work his way up to fourth, just behind Morrow, when the accident occurred. So, Mirra gets the win with an assist from Skywalker. Official results are pasted after the jump and a big high-res gallery of the cars from Friday's practice session is available by clicking the image above.

The official results of the 31st Annual Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race:
  1. Dave Mirra (c) ---
  2. Martina Navarilova (c) +7.402 seconds
  3. Joshua Morrow (c) +17.097
  4. Mike Skinner (p) +29.346
  5. RJ Romero (c) +41.543
  6. Bucky Lasek (p) +44.087
  7. Scott Kelley (p) +46.613
  8. Emily Procter (c) +51.431
  9. Kelly Hu (c) +51.638
  10. John Salley (c) +58.201
  11. Aisha Tyler (c) +58.746
  12. Jerry Westlund (c) +59.713
  13. Kathryn Morris (c) +1:10.845
  14. Robin Quivers (c) +1:22.300
  15. Annamarie Dean (c) -1 lap
  16. George Lucas (c) +0.519
  17. Kendra Willkinson (c) - 4 laps
(c - celebrity, p - pro)

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