Happy weekend thought: gas prices still on the up

Maybe you figured this out when you filled up the car. Maybe when you drove by the pump. Maybe from websites like GasPriceWatch. However the news gets around, the reality is that gas prices are still climbing.

According to the aforementioned GasPriceWatch, average prices at the pump today are two cents higher than Wednesday. As you can see from the AAA graph to the right, this is a small part of a trend that's been kicking around since late last year, even though crude prices are dropping slightly. The average price is $2.82 today for gasoline. For diesel, its $2.92. Automotive News (subs req'd) says that crude prices may rise because OPEC might limit production. Hey, there's another happy thought (now, where's the font for sarcasm?).

[Source: Natasha Robinson, Automotive News, AAA and GasPriceWatch]

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