Gillett Vertigo Streiff: A body to match its Alfa Romeo heart

Can you believe the first version of this car, the Gillet Vertigo, was unveiled at the Brussel's 15 years ago? It's gone through several cosmetic changes since then of course, including the addition of gull-wing doors, inset headlights and redesigned tail lights. The car pictured above is the Gillet Vertigo Streiff, a 2002 version by creator Tony Gillet, a Belgian racer and importer of Donkervoorts.

Gillet's Vertigo brags of a carbon fiber body wrapped around an Alfa Romeo 3.6 liter V6 cranking out 360 bhp. The lightweight exotic reportedly can do 0-62 mph in 3.2 seconds.

Seeing as how Automobile Gillet's Web site is a work in progress, details are scant at best. We can't tell if the car is actually in production now, or, if it is, how much one would cost you. But then, like a Picasso, we couldn't afford it anyway. So treat it as automotive artwork for now and enjoy the additional photos, including interior and engine shots, on the jump.

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