Be afraid -- and very happy -- TVR is returning.

TVR is the formerly Blackpool, England-based maker of fearsome coupes and roadsters not seen in this land (outside of movies like Swordfish) since the 1980s-era TVR Tasmin. Now TVR is owned by an Orlando party planner and a guy who imports Japanese domestic-market cars, who recently held a coming-out party for potential dealers of the troubled and now-practically-American marque in Polk City, Florida.

TVR makes three models (Sagaris, Tuscan S, Tuscan S convertible), but the planned 45-dealer US network will start with only the Sagaris. Bodies will be made in England, with Bertone (in Italy) performing final assembly. The Sagaris will use a 4.0L Ricardo Speed-Six, an inline 6-cylinder with 400 hp, and production is due to begin next year, with an annual run of 5,000 cars at $120,000 per. While the new owners would like to start a racing series, the first thing they need to do is build a few reliable cars. If they can do that, then more TVR for everyone is a good thing.

[Source: Cool Brit]

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