Time to get out those walking shoes

Today I have been dedicating all of my posts to alternative forms of transportation. By that, I mean not having to do with cars. But, really, shouldn't we consider cars the alternative transportation? After all, humans have been walking much longer than they have been driving. Yeah, I know that walking everywhere in today's society is not altogether practical, but, admit it, you could walk a few blocks a day instead of taking your car on short trips. Before cars existed, that is how the majority of people got around. Sure, people rode horses and what not, but not all the time. Armies have marched miles and miles on foot. And just think the kind of shape you could be in if you only just walked a few miles per day. Anyway, if you happen to live in London, here is a website you can visit which encourages walking. Since the walkit website went live, they claim that all the routes that have been calculated there by hopeful walkers would equal 4,649,461 calories, and would have saved loads of CO2 in the process. Now that is "a step in the right direction", as the site says.

[Source: walkit.com via Treehugger]

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