Team Velozzi developing Automotive X-Prize competitor

Click on the image for a gallery of high-res renderings of the the Velozzi car

Team Velozzi is one of the teams that is planning to compete for the Automotive X-Prize. They are an R&D group that's focusing on developing alternative fuel vehicles. Assuming they don't change direction they will be competing in the class for two seat or more vehicles, with a car that currently looks like it could have come from a design studio in a certain region of Northern Italy. The current specs list dual AC motors and lithium ion batteries. They also show a Weismann F1 gearbox although that should probably be unnecessary. Since one of the criteria that the X-Prize judges will be looking at is the business model and productibility of the vehicle, it will be interesting to see if Velozzi changes their design direction away from what appears to be a two seat super-car to something more mainstream, but still battery powered.

[Source: Team Velozzi]

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