Ta Ra Rum Pum: Bollywood does NASCAR set to music

Perhaps there are some of you who haven't found the music, dancing, passion, heartache, drama, and redemption that manage to find their way into every Bollywood film exciting enough. If so, and the addition of NASCAR-style trading paint and Turn Three excitement is what you're looking for, then the new Bollywood film Ta Ra Rum Pum is just the ticket.

According to the storyline, it looks to be a cross between Days of Thunder, The Truman Show, and every Andrew Lloyd Weber production. But as any Bollywood fan knows, no mere words or comparisons could begin to describe the movie is actually about. It is equally difficult to describe why the movie's creators chose to have the hero drive a NASCAR-ready Chevy Aveo (race on Sunday, sell on Monday . . . in India?). Go here to check it out for yourself, and to get songs, videos, and downloads (note: adjust your volume first). And if you want to sing along, it goes a little something like this: "Jab bhi ho gham, zyada ya kam, muskuraayenge, gaayenge hum, ta ra rum pum, ta ra rum pum. . . ."

[Source: Hemmings Auto Blogs]

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