Our eyes! Lamborghini Alar Concept revealed

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It's official. Joan Ferci's bizarre, rebodied Lamborghini Diablo dubbed the Alar has finally been revealed in Buenos Aires, and it is everything it's cracked up to be. Not that that's necessarily a good thing. The Diablo's muscular looks are jettisoned in favor of the Alar's wacky new bodywork, which looks like the aftermath of a one night stand between an alien life form and Captain Nemo's submarine, the Nautilus. In 1987.

If you click through to Argentina Auto Blog, which has been single-handedly leading the coverage of the Alar's progress, you can have a look at additional shots of the car at its unveiling, where it's placed next to an unmodified Diablo. $750,000 and a lapse in good judgement is all it'll take to stick an Alar in your garage.

[Source: Argentina Auto Blog]

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