GM suspends advertising on Imus show

General Motors has decided to suspend advertising on the Don Imus radio show in the wake of controversy sparked by the radio personality's racist remarks about the Rutgers women's basketball team.
General Motors is cited as a "significant advertiser" on the show, though likely is keen on keeping its distance from Imus while he continues to make matters worse for himself. Imus appeared on the Rev. Al Sharpton's radio show on Monday to apologize, and yesterday appeared on the NBC Today show with Matt Lauer, neither of which has helped to quell calls for his resignation or firing.

He'll begin a two-week suspension levied by his employer, CBS, this Monday, though whether or not big name advertisers like GM will return after a fortnight is unclear. GM joins American Express, Sprint, Staples, Proctor & Gamble Co., TD Ameritrade and Bigelow Tea in suspending or dropping altogether an association with Imus and his radio show.

UPDATE: After viewing a report on the Imus controversy on ABC's World News Tonight, we noticed that Ford Motor Company is also a sponsor of Imus' radio show, though to our knownledge has not decided to suspend its advertising.

[Source: Bloomberg]

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