Ford keeping Jaguar in the house: Mullaly says "We're 100 percent behind them"

Plain and simple, Alan Mulally is keeping the cat in the house. While admitting that there is a ways to go in the Ford turnaround plan, he asserts that, unlike Aston Martin, Jaguar will remain in the stable, citing the fact that "Jaguar is on a really good plan" as the reason "why we're investing in them."

It's been really hard to get a solid bearing on the future of Ford's leaping feline. Mulally's Ford, which is clearly not afraid to make ruthless cuts, sold Aston just as it climbed into profitability and began unveiling stunning future models. Jaguar, however -- in spite of last year's recall of every 2006-2007 XJ, the marque's 62% drop in sales from 2002-2006, and a 26.8% drop in year-on-year sales up to now -- is envisioned as a high-end niche maker with high-end niche profits. Jaguar remains a critical darling, like a movie showered with awards but seen by only four people: the new XJ, XK and C-XF are awash in trophies, and the brand still wins quality and sales satisfaction surveys.

While the brand new XJ and the production XF can't come soon enough, if they don't come correct, it is hard to believe Mulally won't rid the PAG of its house pet.

[Source: The Car Connection]

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