With all the speculation about the future of Chrysler and who might buy them, Ann Arbor News business columnist Rick Haglund has floated an interesting idea that I hadn't seen publicly uttered previously. How about Al Gore leading a takeover of the Auburn Hills group and turning it into the greenest major car-maker on the planet? Although improbable, it's not an altogether ridiculous idea.

Gore is Chairman of private equity fund Generation Management LLC which could probably raise the cash to make a serious bid. As Democrat, Gore might have a better chance of cutting some kind of deal with UAW president Ron Gettilfinger than Kirk Kerkorian or other bidders, and it would give Gore the opportunity to do something tangible besides just presenting his slide show. Check out Rick's column for his entire argument, it certainly raises some interesting possibilities.

[Source: Ann Arbor News, thanks to Tim for the tip]

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