Paul the Detailer strikes again - this time on a Bugatti Veyron

Remember that killer video of Top Gear's James May running the Bugatti Veyron up to its top speed? So amazing because it was so drama free. Well, that car has seen more than one of those passes in its life as a demonstrator vehicle. It has managed to rack up quite a few miles, about 30,000 in fact. And although the car gets the occasional wash to keep it as photogenic as ever, repeated blug splatters at 253 mph take a toll on a car's finish. And so it was sent over to master detailer, Paul Dalton, of Miracle Detail. Paul has worked his magic on everything from a Vauxhall Astra VXR, to a Lamborghini Murcielago, to a Maserati MC12. Now he can add Bugatti Veyron to that list.

As detailed (hee hee) on VXRonline, the process is amazingly laborious and makes the 5-digit price tag a little more understandable. Especially when they talk about that $12,000-a-tub carnuba wax he uses. Starting with the citrus degreasing and working through the heated spray-down, shampooing, claying, and then the paint defect work, the process is fully documented and it's pretty fascinating to see the car go from pretty good looking to jaw-droppingly reflective and positively glowing. Click through the read link to see the whole process from start to sparkling finish.

[Source: VXRonline via GM Inside News]

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