New owner welcomes Vauxhall VXR Astra with most comprehensive car wash ever

The arrival of a new car in your garage is a lot like returning home from your honeymoon. For the first month, you wash the car every other day to show off its hot body. A couple months go by and you're still washing it every weekend. After six months, you find the time for a wipe down once a month. After a year, though, you're happy when it rains and washes the salt off.

For this English gentleman and his new Vauxhall Astra VXR, however, the honeymoon will likely last longer than most. We have never seen a new car owner go to such incredible lengths to make sure his new ride is showing its best side. To say that he "detailed" the car would be a gross understatement. Most detail jobs don't involve washing the car with 100 litres of zero ppm RO water, inspecting the finish with a blue light gun for blemishes and applying a $7,118 wax job. We have to say though, after reading his thorough play-by-play of the process and viewing the before and after pics, it made a bigger difference to the car's appearance than we expected.

[Source: via GM Inside News]

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