Forbes counts down top ten Sopranos car scenes

With the second half of the final season finally kicking off, it's time for another "Sopranos" post. Forbes Auto has covered what it thought was the most exotic cars from this award-winning HBO series in the past, but turns this time to the 10 best car scenes. Scenes that were set in or around Sopranos vehicles are highlighted, with a good mix of in-car, outside-car, and under-car action. The cars themselves are nothing too extraordinary, but because the show has such a devoted following, the vehicles tend to become characters themselves.

As a series about suburban New Jersey mafia life, the cars involved tend to be big enough for a couple of bodies in the trunk. Domestics tend to be the norm, although a memorable scene with a Lexus LS400 makes the cut. But mainly they're Buicks, Cadillacs, Suburbans and Crown Vics. Each car is listed with a brief recap of the scene and how it fits into the Sopranos overall. Forbes tried to focus on major characters with their choices, rather than just the most fantastic scenes, but one minor character's demise in a major-league way is also included.

You can see a slideshow of the whole Top Ten by clicking the image above or following the read link below. Feel free to add your favorite overlooked scenes as well.

[Source: Forbes Autos]

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