NPR visits BP's green gas station, the Helios "living laboratory"

On NPR's Morning Edition today, KQED's Rob Schmitz spent some time at Los Angeles' "green" gas station, the BP Helios fueling center. Schmitz's report gets people to talk about the weird feeling they get by getting gas at a "green" place; they sound like they're awfully perplexed by the juxtaposition of the two ideas. You can listen to the piece here.

The station collects rainwater for watering plants, contains lots of recycled materials in the structure, a sign made of cedar and LEDs. BP's page on the station says the unique store isn't a prototype for future BP expansions, but is instead a "'living laboratory' that uses green, eco-friendly innovations to give consumers a little better station experience."

You can see pictures of Helios taken by someone who visited the station here.

[Source: NPR, BP]

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