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New York Auto Show: No paint for these Volvos, the entire body is covered in fabric

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Volvo is celebrating its 80th anniversary this year. As part of the company's observance, it brought over a restored 1927 PV4, nicknamed the Jakob for the Volvo display at the New York Auto Show. Volvo offered two versions of this sedan, an open-bodied model in plain steel and a covered model wrapped with fabric. This particular PV4 was registered in November, 1927, by a school inspector. The changed hands only a few times in the next seven decades before Volvo purchased it in 2001 to have it restored. One of the owners did store it a barn for an extended length. Weighing 2,425 pounds, the PV4 is powered by a 1.95-liter 4-cylinder that pumped out 20 horsepower. It cost 5,800 krona in 1927, or a little more than $800 by today's exchange rate.
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