First Aussie hoon to lose his car for life

Australia's anti-hooning legislation has been in effect since last July, but just last Tuesday it officially claimed its first victim car. The law, which targets drivers committing reckless acts behind the wheel, was enacted to curtail the most egregious offenses (i.e. burnouts, drag racing, excessive speed, etc.).

For Terrance Lord, a resident of Drummond, the law was taken to its extreme when he was caught driving on a suspended license. The punishment: his 1980 Toyota Corona is now forever in the hands of the local police.

The only time a vehicle can be impounded permanently is when the driver is cited three times under the anti-hoon law, so we assume that this wasn't Lord's first run in with the local authorities.

Harsh? Maybe, but we'll be interested to see if there is any reduction in these particular offenses over the next few years.


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