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T3 motion cop trike ensures unsuccessful getaway for crooks on foot

Visitors to the 2007 International Security Convention West show (ISC West) in Las Vegas had a chance to get up close and personal with the future of police patrol vehicles. On display was the new three-wheeled chariot from T3 Motion. Sort of a Segway with sirens, the T3 Series security model boasts a top speed of 18-25 mph. That should be good enough to catch a fleeing suspect, but the T3 will most likely show its benefit in keeping officers fresh for when they have to dismount and really start a pursuit.
Powered by two rechargeable batteries, it will cost about $8,000 but offers a much lower per-mile cost than just about anything this side of a bicycle. Extra batteries can be carried and swapped in as necessary for a longer range and recharge times are 4-6 hours when you get back to the station. It's a bit beefier and more authoritative looking than a Segway, and with a front wheel, a little more stable, as well. And it's green to boot. The zero-emission vehicle even uses LED lighting to minimize battery usage. T3 motion offers a range of similar vehicles customized for military, personal security and law enforcement applications.

[Source: Engadget]

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